Your Cambria Phone Book
New phone book being prepared for Cambria


The 2017 edition of Your Cambria Phone Book is being prepared up and we don't want to miss your advertisement or listing. It's the only local, family-owned directory serving Cambria, Harmony, San Simeon and the North Coast of San Luis Obispo County. Over 6,000 copies of the new Cambria Phone book will be delivered to every home, apartment, and businesses in Cambria.

"If you are looking to grow your business in the Cambria market, this is a great publication to be in," says publisher Scott Brennan.

The directory is a good deal for small businesses looking to advertise, says Brennan, because it reaches the upscale Cambria community, offers low rates, top-quality glossy print job, free full color and graphic design. The book is delivered in June every year.

The Cambria directory includes business listings, residential listings, government listings, maps, and more. It offers community information on the Cambria Library, Chamber of Commerce, education, emergency services, evacuation plan, coastal elephant seal colony, groups, clubs and organizations, Hearst Castle, Joslyn Recreation Center, activities, events, parks, recycling information and worship services.

Popular categories in the business directory include antiques, appliance repair, art galleries, auto repair, contractors, floor coverings, hair salons, massage therapy, motels, nurseries, painters, pizza, plumbing, real estate, restaurants, tires, tree services, vacation rentals, windows and wine tasting. The listings are available in print and online.

Your Cambria Phone Book is produced by local marketing and advertising company Access Publishing. The company publishes the San Luis Obispo County Visitors Guide, Central Coast Active magazine, North County Access and others. It also provides online marketing, search engine optimization and web design in San Luis Obispo County.

The deadline for advertising is May 30. Call Access Publishing at (805) 226-9890 for more information.

Web Design in Cambria

Access Publishing offering web design in Cambria

web design cambria ca 93428If you are looking for crisp, clean web design in Cambria, CA, Access Publishing is the perfect choice. Small businesses website design does not need to be complicated. Access Publishing's team of graphic designers and web developers makes launching your small business online a fun, exciting adventure.

Specializing in affordable, custom website design and graphic design services, Access caters to small businesses and organizations in the Cambria area.

Websites are often the first way a client learns about your business and a great first impression is key. Whether you are beginning a new business venture or are seeking a fresh perspective on an existing web site, turn to Access for clean, professional design services.

At right is a site Access created for Poly Pro Window and Door Company of Cambria. Click on the image to view the site or click here for samples of the team's best website designs.

Interactive Design

  • Customized designs
  • Conversion focused
  • Engaging concepts
  • Driven by content strategy

Custom Development

  • Content management systems
  • Customized solutions
  • Mobile & responsive capable
  • High focus on the user experience

Digital Marketing

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Customer Support

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Call Access Publishing's friendly online marketing specialists at (805) 226-9890.

Cambria Inns Offer Adventure

Cambria Inns Offer Summer Travelers a Gateway to Outdoor Adventure, Wine and More

From foodie festivals to historic Hearst Castle, Cambria is a distinct vacation destination

places to stay in Cambria-hotels-Inns-Motels-resortsCome and explore one of California’s most charming and beautiful coastlines this summer with a visit to Cambria Inns – a treasured collection of hotels on Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA.

The beachfront properties, which include the luxurious Blue Dolphin Inn and private Moonstone Cottages, both for adults only; the familyfriendly Castle Inn; and the warm and welcoming Sand Pebbles Inn, offer guests a gateway to spectacular scenery, endless recreational possibilities and awardwinning food and wine.

Located off the famed Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) between San Francisco and Los Angeles, just south of Big Sur, the Cambria Inns reside in the picturesque artisan village of Cambria and just steps from the unrivaled beauty of rugged Moonstone Beach.

Offering a “room with a view” for any traveler, the hotel collection includes accommodations that range from upscale to valueoriented. Home to a host of exhilarating and relaxing summer activities, this serene Central Coast destination never disappoints.

Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the temperate summer climate and bounty of available activities that beckon in Cambria and its neighboring towns and state parks. Whether in search of the perfect windsurfing spot or a challenging or leisurely hiking trail, Cambria Inns’ friendly staff can help guests coordinate their perfect summer adventure.



Stroll the Garden Shed shops

Stroll around the shops at the Garden Shed

cambria phone book garden shedPassion is a funny thing. You never know when it will find you, and it never fails to pull you in a direction you never planned on going. At least that seems to be the unifying moral of the stories behind the owners at The Shops at The Garden Shed, located in the charming east village of Cambria. 
Housed in a rustic and sprawling 7,000-sq.ft. renovated creamery on Main Street, its core is The Garden Shed, a garden accessories and décor store lovingly and thoughtfully filled with whimsical wares and inspirational installations by the soft-spoken and sweet owner Ashley Gracey. Gracey explains that she and her husband Lucky opened The Garden Shed 14 years ago as a side business to complement Lucky’s landscaping company. That was their plan. But passion for decorating and a proclivity for digging up garden art treasures soon transformed the side business into a main one that demanded their full attention. 
Gracey describes the creative, collaborative process of outfitting their store with excitement. “For example we got chocolate candles,” she gestures toward one small nook of the vibrantly decorated, vintage-inspired room. “So, we’ll think ‘Oh, what could we do that’s chocolate themed? Chocolate seeds for chocolate Cosmos!” 
Always working to offer a truly unique shopping experience for their customers, she says, “We try to find little artists that are not known.” Of course, she is aided in this effort by the tasteful arrangement of other vendors also operating under The Shops at The Garden Shed umbrella. We walk past the Sweet Shop, tucked into a side room off of the patio, and next door, the new Ocean Heir shop, owned by Diane Matzner, which offers an eclectic mix of paper, cards, books, clothing, accessories and jewelry. To the east of the Garden Shed store and patio lie The Painted Lily, an artfully curated art gallery, and further back, Lily’s Coffee Shop, a favorite spot for a latte and an unrushed morning before hitting the sights in Cambria. 


Real Estate San Luis Obispo – Gregg Whitfield – (805) 235-7412 

Architect and general contractor in Cambria

ADS Corporation

Comprehensive Design & Development from Start to Finish

architect general contractor cambriaCambria is home to ADS Corporation, owned by Richard Low. He is an architect and general contractor in Cambria serving the central coast. ADS Corporation-Associated Development Services has been serving the residents of California for over 37 years.

"If you are dreaming about a building project, but don’t know where to start, call on ADS," Dow says. They can provide all the services necessary to make your dream a reality.  From start to finish, They can help you with site selection, design, planning, construction and acquiring financing.

All these services are offered from one local company in Cambria.  Their diversity allows them to keep all your needs in focus, all of the time.  Working with the ADS team means more efficiency, better coordination, and less cost for client.  ADS Corporation can take your project from start to finish or just concentrate on one aspect of making your dream come true.  

Richard D. Low, Jr. is the President of Associated Development Services Corporation, a comprehensive design and construction company, located in Cambria, California. Mr. Low has lived and practiced in Cambria since 1977.  Mr. Low is the license qualifier and R.M.O. for the Associated Development Services Corporation General Contractors License number 705716.  Mr. Low is also a registered Architect in the states of California (C-24907) and Arizona (29909).

Local SEO presentations in Cambria and Morro Bay


Local SEO presentations in Cambria and Morro Bay

local-search-engine-optimization-flyer_0Internet marketing expert Scott Brennan, owner of Access Publishing in Paso Robles, CA, is giving a presentations on Local SEO in Cambria and Morro Bay. Business owners and managers are invited to come learn more about how to improve their online presence.
In todays world, customers are using their smart phones and computers like the yellow pages to find local businesses, says Brennan owner of Access Publishing. The most widely used search tools are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp.
A recent study shows that four out of 10 consumers are using online local search every single day. Fifty-seven percent of local buyers are using Internet searches as their primary way to find local goods and services, according a recent survey of 3,000 U.S. households by ComScore.
Scott Brennan is a local expert in search engine optimization (SEO). He was trained in Advanced Internet Marketing at the University of San Francisco and brings 15 years of hands-on experience in small business marketing and advertising.
Last year Brennan gave a dozen educational seminars to hundreds of local business leaders at engagements from Rotary Clubs to Chambers of Commerce. His company, Access Publishing, provides web design and local SEO services to over 80 businesses in San Luis Obispo County. He recently launched a new Paso Robles news website called
The upcoming presentations for Local SEO in San Luis Obispo County will help business people Learn the 5 keys to Online Marketing Success. The presentation is one hour and includes a complimentary lunch. Seating is limited.

To attend a presentation, call and RSVP with Beth Brennan at Access Publishing, (805) 226-9890.


Visit the Elephant Seals
Elephant-SealsThey lie like slugs on the beach, continuously flipping sand over their backs and now and then two or more rear up challenging each other with mock battle roars. This is how it is in elephant seal breeding season at Piedras Blancas Lighthouse on the Central Coast of California.
Elephant seals began hauling out on a secluded beach just south of the lighthouse in 1990. It was an extraordinary occurrence that delighted the public traveling Highway 1 north of San Simeon.
By the end of the 1880’s they were thought to be extinct. Whalers and sealers had hunted them for their blubber. A small colony, between 20 to 100 individuals managed to survive and took up residence on Guadalupe Island, off Baja, California.
All of the elephant seals on the West Coast of the continent are descended from this group.
Some elephant seals are always present at Piedras Blancas, but the most interesting time to visit is during breeding season from November through February. Beaches are jammed with chubby females giving birth, little black pups
suckling, and huge blubbery males doing battle.
Male seals begin to arrive in late November and stake out their positions on the beach. Dominant bulls, the ones that have the best chance to mate with the most females, threaten away lesser males and take up residence waiting for the females to arrive.
One of the most exciting things to witness is a battle between two of these large bulls. When approached by another male, the resident bull will rear up on his hindquarters, throw his head back, and roar out a threat. His large bulbous nose dips down into his gaping mouth. Then each bull rears up and with great force they slam their bodies at each other, slashing away with their large canine teeth. Fights can last a few minutes or go on for hours. Usually the battle ends with one bull being forced into the water or backing away submissively.
Pregnant females arrive on the beaches in December and, after four or five days, give birth to one pup that arrives thin, wrinkled and black. Most pups begin to suckle soon after birth. Elephant seal milk is the richest of all mammals with a high percentage of fat. The pups gain weight quickly on this, doubling and quadrupling their size in less than a month.
Nursing lasts for about 28 days. In the last three to five days the females are ready for breeding. Now the alpha bull takes advantage of his position to mate with the most females. Within a month after giving birth, females are impregnated. A little more than a month after arriving at the rookery, the female heads out to sea leaving her now plump, molting pup on shore.
Bull elephant seals fight over territory on the seashore north of Cambria.
How to find the elephant seals

The Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Colony is located on scenic coast Highway 1 approximately 45 miles north of San Luis Obispo near the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and south of Big Sur. The site is open all year round with docents present every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during breeding season and on weekends and holidays at other times. Seals are viewed on the beaches from a boardwalk bluff above. Parking and entrance are free.

Source: San Luis Obispo County Visitors Guide

Local Business Directory

Local Business Directory

Business is thriving on California’s Central Coast and Access Publishing’s CEO Scott Brennan thinks it is about time local businesses have a dedicated news platform: the Central Coast Business News. “Just in San Luis Obispo County alone, local businesses contributed $1.3 billion in sales taxes in the fourth quarter of 2016,” said Brennan.

“This amount is certainly a noteworthy contribution towards supporting local community and county services,” said Brennan. “And this amount does not include the support local businesses donate to youth and community activities.”

Central Coast businesses and community organizations represent everything from accounting and agriculture to a zoo and contributed $14.3 billion to the gross regional product in 2016. Collectively, businesses located in San Luis Obispo County, South Monterey County and North Santa Barbara County serve a population close to 500,000 residents as well as thousands who visit the area every month. The new website, Central Coast Business Newsgives Central Coast businesses an important media outlet that is dedicated to announcements about business successes.

Local business support is what makes vibrant community activities such as local festivals, youth activities and art and entertainment possible. Business growth is supported through local resources like local chambers of commerce, economic development and professional organizations. The Central Coast Business News is the latest resource from Access Publishing to keep business in touch with the community and with other Central Coast businesses. The new website gives local businesses the opportunity to share business successes, announce new services and products, share awards and recognitions, announce promotions and retirements, announce support for community organizations.

For more information about having your business news published in the Central Coast Business News, contact Access Publishing at (805) 226-9890.

About Access Publishing

Access Publishing is a Central Coast leader in online marketing, web design, graphic design and local search optimization (SEO). The company works with clients in a multitude of services, such as SEO, online ads, and website design. In addition to online resources, Access Publishing offers advertising in their print and online outlets, local news through the “Paso Robles Daily News” and “A-Town Daily News,” the “San Luis Obispo County Visitor’s Guide” and local community guides.

Contact Access Publishing for marketing and web design needs and for more information about adding your business news to the Central Coast Business News or any of Access Publishing’s other business and services directories.

Central Coast Business News 
809 9th Street, #2D 
Paso Robles, CA 93446 
(805) 226-9890

This press release is by Paso Robles SEO company Access Publishing, 806 9th Street, #2D, Paso Robles, CA 93446. (805) 226-9890.


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Tue Feb 19, 2019 @ 9:30AM - 05:00PM
Dollhouse & Miniatures Show and Sale
Wed Feb 20, 2019 @ 9:30AM - 05:00PM
Dollhouse & Miniatures Show and Sale
Tue Feb 26, 2019
Cambria Western Dance Jamboree
Tue Mar 12, 2019
Morro Bay Chili Cook Off and Beer Fest
Sun Mar 17, 2019 @ 5:00PM -
Cambria St. Patrick’s Day Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner
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Women’s Surf Contest
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Blessing of the Fleet
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